The Drum Tab Archive A collection of drum tab charts, mostly rock music from recent years.
Harmonica Masterclass A list of harmonica instructors who have completed some level of the Harmonica Masterclass Teacher Accreditation Program. John Milan is listed as a Level 1 Accredited Instructor (2003), and is going for Level 2 in 2005.
Mississippi Heat Want to go see a Great Blues Band here in Chicago? An (Awesome !!!) harmonica player/band leader & friend of John's.
Phil Collins The official website of Phil Collins, drummer for Genesis, Brand X, and his own solo projects.
Neil Peart The official website of Neil Peart, drummer for Rush.
Alan White The official website of Alan White, drummer for Yes, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Joe Cocker.
Bill Bruford The official website of Bill Bruford, drummer for Yes, King Crimson, UK, and Genesis (live only).
Chester Thompson The official website of Chester Thompson, drummer for Genesis (live only), Weather Report, Frank Zappa, Peter Cetera, Brand X, Steve Hackett, Michael McDonald, Neil Diamond, and many others.
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