What is it like to take lessons with John? Some students share their experiences...

Jay Huber

I have been studying drums with John since February, 2001, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon! I didn't know anything about John when I first called him, but he turned out to be a fantastic teacher. Thanks to John, I have learned a great deal about playing drums, and also about music in general.

I have several friends who are taking guitar lessons, and most of them do not like their teachers very much. I hear complaints that the teacher makes them do boring or repetitive exercises — and even forces them to learn songs they aren't interested in. Fortunately for me, John understands that music should be fun. John lets me call the shots: I pick the songs we work on, and decide when I am finished with a song — or in some cases, just plain tired of it! John seems to be enthusiastic about all types of music, and we have some favorites in common: Genesis, Yes, Rush, The Cars, and The Beatles. John and I have also worked on songs from Collective Soul, Live, XTC, The Fixx, The Alan Parsons Project, Incubus, and Spandau Ballet.

Early on, I found that I had so many questions for John each week, that I felt we could use more lesson time... so I signed up for an hour per week (instead of 30 minutes). Recently, I decided that I wanted to learn more about music theory (chords, scales, etc.) to help me compose music on the computer. To my surprise, John said he could teach me these things (he even has his own keyboard). Sometimes I wonder if there's anything he can't do — well he asked me to build this website, so I guess that's one thing!

John is not just a great musician and teacher, he is also just a really cool guy. The two of us have become friends over the past two years. We go to concerts together, watch music documentaries, play around on the drums or computer, etc. My lesson is a highlight of my week, not just because of the music, but also because of John.

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